Bella Shape’s Icoone Laser is extremely popular in Europe – and is finally available in the U.S. The extremely effective –  yet painless and gentle treatments – have inspired countless rave reviews throughout Europe. Check out some of the reviews in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and other top magazines that have featured Bella Shape’s Icoone Laser here.

And read some excerpts below:


“For women who have tried everything or are looking to get back into shape after having a baby – for those of us who cannot shift those saggy patches or extra inches – this treatment is a no-brainer. Not only had I lost two inches from around my waist, but my pre-baby tummy muscles were definitely showing through. My tummy was not only flatter and more defined at the sides, but the appearance of my skin was a joy. There was no more saggy skin, it was toned and lean, and my legs had less dimpling.”


“Having been an Endermologie and Lipomassage devotee for years, I’ve now migrated to this treatment as it kills two birds with one stone. After five sessions my tights were an inch smaller and the orange peel appearance sufficiently reduced.”

“I had the recommended two sessions per week, for three weeks, combined with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. The result was two inches exactly off my chest, waist, tummy and each thigh – so, a really even loss on a body that was far more toned than when I started – really rewarding.”


“After only two treatments, people remarked that my skin was glowing. At the end of five treatments, it was radiant. I was most pleased with the difference it made to my decollete…thanks to my Icoone treatments, I can now rock a plunging neckline, as the appearance and texture of my skin has dramatically improved.”


“After one session, my skin was plumped, lines reduced, eye bags improved and face lifted. I had three treatments before the wedding and guests remarked about how “fresh” I looked, even though I had literally dragged myself out of bed that morning.”